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Seller Financed and Investment Properties In Baton Rouge, LA

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Seller Finance – For People Looking to Own a Home to Live In

Interest rates are high today. 50% of people can’t get qualified for loans, and banks require 20% down payments in many cases. Home ownership has never been harder. We find properties, buy them, and then offer a path to home ownership for people who cannot qualify for loans from banks. We have a lot more flexibility, so we can help you achieve the dream of home ownership for close to the same amount as rent!

Some of our seller finance properties need some work, while others are ready for you to move in.

How does Seller Finance Work

Step 1: You need a down payment, usually 10-15% of the purchase price.

Step 2: You need to make 3x the payment amount. We want to make sure you can afford the house, since we don’t want to take your down payment then have you lose the house in a couple years.

Step 3: Fill out our pre-approval form for the property.

Step 4: Once pre approved, we will verify everything. If everything looks good, we will send your information to a Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, which is just someone who makes mortgages for us and makes sure everything is legal and compliant with the government rules.

Step 5: We sign an agreement saying we will sell you the house and you will pay us the agreed amount. We then have around 30 days until you will be a homeowner!

Step 6: We go to closing at a Title Company, you send the money or bring a cashiers check for the down payment and closing costs. You never give us money directly. We will set up a mortgage loan servicing company who you will pay (like any other mortgage). Congratulations! You are now a property owner.

For Investors – Discount Properties to Pay Cash For

I know the struggle for investors looking for discounted properties in Baton Rouge. You scour the MLS or day after day, trying to find a property that could be a profitable investment. You network – going to the RING, wholesale meetups, and talk to realtors. There just aren’t enough deals out there that cash flow for rentals or have enough margin to be worth your time to flip. Well, we supply off market investment property deals to Baton Rouge investors that cash flow, and that are profitable flips.

BuyHousesBR LLC is a real estate investment company. We are full-time property investors in Baton Rouge and specialize in finding those hidden house deals that you normally only hear about – usually at 30-50% off retail value.

With our proprietary marketing systems (also known as hustle and spending lots of money, then refining the processes), we find the best properties in foreclosure, bank owned foreclosures, Baton Rouge investment properties for sale, handyman deals, fixer uppersdiscount homes, distressed properties, and buy them at great win-win prices for both us and the home seller. We then pass these deals along to our preferred buyers who are looking for profitable investment properties or for a great house in which to live.

Who are We?

My name is Travis Steinemann, and my goals with BuyHousesBR LLC are to find creative solutions to solve homeowner’s problems, put people who can’t qualify for loans traditionally into houses, offer my investors “sure thing” investment opportunities that meet or exceed their required returns, and revitalize neighborhoods through real estate investments. Before real estate, I did cash forecasting and investing for Marathon Petroleum, so numbers are my strength. My business partner, Bryan, worked on many flips with his father and is an electrical engineer, bringing construction and project management experience to the team. We combine our knowledge and experience to negotiate and offer deals that make sense. We will not offer any investment opportunities that we would not consider buying ourselves. We also are happy to partner with investors on deals, if the opportunity is right. You can learn more about our company here or by contacting us.

Baton Rouge Investment Properties For Sale – Apply for The Preferred Buyers List.

Once we secure a new property that fits our criteria, we do not blast it out to everyone on our list. We believe in relationships, and we will send it to our buyers whom we have spoken with, know are serious, and know it fits their criteria. What does it take to start that relationship? That is quite easy, actually. Just tell what you’re looking for here, and we can schedule a quick call to answer any questions you might have.

Because of the excellent investment property buying opportunity in today’s market, we add new Baton Rouge handyman properties that are far below market value to our list weekly, and they tend to get snapped up extremely quickly.

So, if you interested in getting on our buyers list to see investment properties in Baton Rouge, and even further, starting a relationship that will make you thousands of dollars by delivering you the best deals, fill out our form or give me a call at 225-230-2521.

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