What Makes a Good Rental Property in Baton Rouge?

If you’re thinking about investing in rental property in Baton Rouge or anywhere in the 70815 zip code area you might be wondering what makes a good rental property in Baton Rouge. We’ll share with you 3 of the factors to see if rental properties are right for you…

Many people have heard the old wisdom, 90% of millionaires invest in real estate, and it is a very popular investment for many reasons. You get cash flow, tax benefits, security of owning a physical asset, and more! However, one question persists that needs to be answered before you invest, “What makes a good rental property in Baton Rouge?

There are several factors you should consider before you invest. After all, you don’t want to invest in ANY property – you want to invest in the right one! So, here are three of the most important factors that make an ideal rental property in the 70815 zip code and surrounding area.

What Makes A Good Rental Property In Baton Rouge?

#1. Strong House, Cosmetic Upgrades Only

Unless you’re handy or have a lot of experience, you may not want to invest in a house that requires a lot of effort to get it rent ready. After all, every day that you delay renting is a day that you don’t get the cash flow you desire. A strong, well-built house that is free of problems and only needs cosmetic upgrades is a great place to start. Yes, you might pay a little more up-front for this kind of property but you’ll save time and money afterward getting it ready to rent. If you just need to slap a coat of paint on it, maybe add luxury vinyl plank instead of carpet, you will be amazed at how much better it looks. I always look for “upgrades” that look nice and are going to be durable. Spend a little extra if you have to upgrade cabinets to get plywood instead of particle board. You will be happy in five years when they are still in great shape.

#2. Cash Flow

While you might want to spend a little more for a house that is already in good condition, you’ll still want to make sure that it cash flows. In the Baton Rouge area, there’s a mix of properties – some are affordable and others are not. Some people think that real estate always appreciates so they buy houses where rents don’t quite cover expenses, hoping to sell for a big profit in a few years. This is not a good idea. Instead, buy something that puts money in your pocket every month. It may not be in most desirable area, but that is better than subsidizing your tenants housing. If you need help finding these properties, it is what we do here at BuyhousesBR – we find the affordable ones and sell them to investors! Give us a call at 225-230-2521 or click here and fill out the form to see some affordable rental properties in the area.

#3. Good Rental Market

This ties into number two. You need to make sure that the property is in a good rental market. The truth is, not all markets are good rental markets. In some areas, everyone buys and nobody rents; in other areas, everybody rents but they move too often. A good rental area is one where there are plenty of long-term renters. In some areas, rents are high, but the houses cost too much to make any money. You need to find the right areas in the city. We like to use a rule called the 2% rule. Your monthly rent has to be at least 2% of the purchase price. So a $50,000 house must get AT LEAST $1,000 in monthly rent. This is just a guide to see if the property is worth investigating more.


You can find houses that match these three criteria throughout the Baton Rouge area and we can help you find them. In fact, we have an inventory of properties that meet these and other requirements for what makes a good rental property in Baton Rouge… and our clients love working with us because we help them bypass the time and effort required to FIND these properties, since we’ve already done a lot of the legwork. Unfortunately, they sell fast since they are such good deals, so you have to make offers fast!

Want to see what rental properties we have available? Click here now and fill out the form or call our office at 225-230-2521 and we’ll be happy to take the time to show you what’s available.

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