What To Expect When Buying A Property From A Wholesaler in Baton Rouge

Working with a property wholesaler in Baton Rouge to get a home at 70% market value.

Buying a property from a wholesaler in Baton Rouge can be a great way to acquire real estate at a great price. Learn more in our latest post!

You may have heard about property wholesaling, but have you ever considered buying through a property wholesaler?  This can be a great way to find deals on properties in Baton Rouge. Sometimes, the process can get a bad rap primarily due to inexperienced wholesalers not following through. It’s important to partner with someone experienced. Below, we discuss what you can expect when working with a real estate wholesaler in Baton Rouge!

What Does A Wholesaler Do?

A wholesaler sources incredible deals in Baton Rouge real estate and they essentially have three jobs:  find deals, find buyers, and connect the two parties.  That may sound simple enough but it actually takes a great deal of work.  According to an article called A Day in the Life of a Wholesaler, the schedule for a wholesaler is a full-time job.  Ideally they will make time every day to do local market research, branding, marketing, deal evaluation, building their network, making offers, creating a buyers list, closing deals, and building their team.  All of these aspects are essential to running a good wholesaling business and attracting quality buyers and sellers.  

What Can I Expect When Working With a Baton Rouge Wholesaler?

When you choose to work with a wholesaler, all the effort and work of finding deals will be done for you.  As I mentioned in their schedule above, they are busy doing all the marketing, searching, calling, and negotiating so you don’t have to.  Instead, you can focus on your due-diligence on investment strategy.  Even wholesalers help you with this part by running comps and giving you a projected ARV.  It’s still good to do your own research too, though.  It doesn’t hurt to double check numbers to make sure you are getting a good deal.  

When working with a wholesaler, you’ll be able to peruse a number of available properties as well as provide information about what you are looking for in a Baton Rouge investment property. Once the wholesaler knows what you are looking for, they can turn their attention to acquiring those kinds of properties on your behalf.

How Long Will The Process Take?

This all depends on the kind of property you are looking for. Wholesalers typically like to close quickly because they have a motivated seller who may need cash fast.  This actually why some homeowners use a property wholesaler and why they are willing to sell below market value.

 As the buyer, it is important that you have the cash to buy directly or that you have the funds in place to close quickly. In most cases, you won’t be able to hold the property while your financing is secured without paying a large premium, since the wholesaler would either need to pay the seller for an extension or close on it themselves using hard money, which is expensive.

What Are The Benefits?

Working with a real estate wholesaler in Baton Rouge offers a number of benefits!  In an article by Dan Oliver, a real estate agent, he says there are 5 Advantages to Working with a Wholesaler:  Time, Analysis, Relationship, One Stop Shop, and Cost.  Like we mentioned before, they save you time by finding your properties, calling sellers, and negotiating prices.  They also save you some time by running the analysis on the property, but like we said we always think you should do you due-diligence and check the numbers.  It’s great they run these numbers because if yours check out too then chances are you both are really close on what the comps are Before Repair Value and After Repair Value.  

The relationship aspect of working with a wholesaler is good, too.  When you establish a good relationship with a wholesaler, you may be the first person they call when they find a good deal.  Not only that, they can recommend the best carpenters, plumbers, and electricians they know to make sure you are getting the best work done on your properties.  This is why Dan refers to wholesalers as a one stop shop because they can connect you with people in the area who can rehab your property and do good work.  

And last but not least, you will benefit by using a wholesaler because of the money they can possibly save you by putting in all the hours to find you a property at 70% below market value.  

What Makes BuyhousesBR Different?

At BuyHousesBR LLC we offer the experience and passion other local Baton Rouge wholesalers lack. Our track-record for helping our clients find great deals is second to none. We’ll work with you to learn about what you are looking for in your Baton Rouge investment property when you want to buy, and what you want to achieve from the deal. Since we have a wide variety of properties, from mobile homes in Livingston to fourplexes in Gardere, and even lovely cottages in Southdowns, we can find something that fits your investment strategy. We’ll be able to provide you with basic construction costs as well as comps in the area as well. If you are looking for excellent wholesale properties in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area, there is no better team to help than BuyHousesBR! No matter what kind of wholesale property you are looking for, our team will help you find it!

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