Advice for Buying Wholesale Properties in Baton Rouge

Buying wholesale properties can be a great way to acquire a home or build your portfolio. Working with the right wholesaler is key to your success. Here are our tips for finding the best properties and the best deals!  Buying properties at a discount sounds great right? And it can be when you are working … Continued

3 Ways To Value a Rental Property in Baton Rouge

If you want to invest in rental real estate in Baton Rouge, the first step is determining the value of the property you are interested in.  In this blog post, we’ll share with you the 3 ways to value a rental property in Baton Rouge so you can know right away if the rental property … Continued

4 Costs Associated With Rental Property in Baton Rouge

The most important part of buying a rental property is doing your due diligence. This includes figuring out the rent you will earn, any repairs needing to be done, and estimating your monthly expenses. To help you, we’ve created this list of 4 costs associated with a rental property in Baton Rouge, LA. When it … Continued

What Makes a Good Rental Property in Baton Rouge?

If you’re thinking about investing in rental property in Baton Rouge or anywhere in the 70815 zip code area you might be wondering what makes a good rental property in Baton Rouge. We’ll share with you 3 of the factors to see if rental properties are right for you… Many people have heard the old … Continued

4 Deadly Reasons Not To Over Do It On Rehabs

Are you interested in rehabbing properties for profit? If so then this blog post will help you know what to do, what not to do, and will give you 4 deadly reasons not to over do it on rehabs (because it will cost you a lot of money and headaches if you do). I know … Continued

Choosing The Best Investment Property In Baton Rouge LA

Want to know a secret about real estate investing? There is no “best investment” overall, in any market. My “best investment” property would be a terrible investment for many of our clients. Why? There are many factors that go into choosing the best investment property in Baton Rouge, LA. Matching these factors with your specific … Continued